Trinity Kids Care

Pediatric Hospice Care

When we were given the opportunity to create a campaign for the only dedicated pediatric hospice program in Southern California, we knew it would be a challenge but we had no idea how rewarding this project would be. Trinity Kids Care receives enough funding to care for about 155 kids with life-limiting illnesses, but at any given time there are over 10,000 kids who are eligible for their service.


Our task was to create a philanthropic social media campaign to raise awareness as well as donations. Our biggest challenge was to overcome the fact that donating toward the "end of life" is not as enticing as supporting cancer research or a similar cause with the possibility of a happy ending.


Our solution was to create a two-phased approach with the first phase designed to raise awareness and the second phase designed to give the world something to rally around.

Phase One

"If You Don't Know What to Say, Give."


When confronted with the idea of children who only have a few months to live, most people have no idea what to say. More often than not, families receive lots of support from friends and family when they are first confronted with a life-threatening illness.


Unfortunately when a positive outcome is no longer on the table, most people have no idea how to handle the situation and simply disappear when they're needed most. We used this discomfort as a way to draw attention to the cause in the form of two social videos.

Phase Two

Most charities are focused on winning—their goal is to beat cancer or find a cure for diabetes. And their fundraisers are focused on winning too—participants strive to complete a walk, a 5K or a triathlon. But our charity is different. The kids we work with aren't going to beat their illness. Ultimately, they've got zero chance of winning.


So let's hold fundraisers where participants also have zero chance of winning, showing the bravery that goes into facing an impossible situation.

Real Life Rocky

Facebook Live Stunt


Let's create a fundraising event where ordinary people can fight an established boxer like Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson. Much like the original Rocky, it's not winning the fight that matters—it's about facing impossible odds to the best of your ability and bravely facing your fears.


The fight would be promoted as a headline bout and would be broadcast on Facebook Live. All promotional posts as well as the live stream will include a Donate Now button making it easy for viewers to support the cause.


"I'm going to be fighting Floyd Mayweather on March 25 to support Trinity Kids Care! I've got zero chance of winning but that's not the point. #ImpossibleOdds"

Conquer the Cage

Facebook Live Stunt


Let's have everyday people sign up to challenge MMA fighters such as Chuck Liddell or Ronda Rousey.


The logistics would be the same as our boxing stunt: Our amateur fighters would raise funds via social media and fights would be broadcast via Facebook Live. However, unlike the boxing stunt, this would give women more of a chance to participate.


We will be sure to utilize the fighter's social channels to promote the event.


"Join me live and watch me kick this guy's ass to support Trinity Kids Care! #ImpossibleOdds"


Campaign Extensions


This campaign extends beyond Facebook Live events. We look forward to starting partnerships with Southern California professional sports teams to organize more David vs. Golioth moments. Who wouldn't love to watch a beer league football team put the Rams defense to the test or a Sunday adult hockey team play a period against the Ducks?


Extensions could also include rap battles, pop-up challenges like a greased climbing wall or even openly rigged casino pop-ups.


Art Director – Brett Pfeiffer

Copywriter – John Searcy

Creative Director – Jason Locey

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