Southwest Airlines

The Mecca of Baseball Campaign

Custom Pitch Book

The Mecca of Baseball started as a open brief from Southwest Airlines hoping to boost sales to its struggling international destinations. This concept took on a life of it's own and soon became a passion project for all involved.  We were so excited to see this project through that the night before the final pitch was spent crafting custom pitch books complete with with screen printed wooden covers and DIY binding.


Ultimately, this project was scrapped just days before the initial tech scout.


Even though this concept never fully came to life, I can honestly say that it was a joy to work on. Every late night and long weekend spent crafting this story was time well spent.


Below is a selection of pages from the pitch deck. You'll have to contact me for a more complete look at this campaign.


Art Director – Brett Pfeiffer

Associate Creative Director – Javier Castillo

Creative Directors – Mark Peters, Kirsten Rutherford

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