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Petco Park

We had a great time working with Southwest and the San Diego Padres to create #FriarFriday fan events. Fans loved hanging out in center field enjoying live music and photo ops while chowing down on authentic Southwest in-flight snacks. I even had the opportunity to make my live radio debut to promote the event ... a right of passage for any art director.

Friar Cuts

As part of the events, we gave fans the opportunity to really show their Padre pride by setting up a "Friat Cuts" booth in center field. The Swinging Friar was proud hooking up dedicated fans with awesome Southwest prizes.

Throwback Stadium Banners

The Padres celebrated "Way Back Wednesdays" at Petco Park by taking the field in throwback uniforms. We jumped on the opportunity to create matching throwback Southwest banners to line the in-stadium LED banners during these games. The concept was so well-received that the Padres asked other sponsors to get on board with the idea.

Wanna Get Away Stadium Banners

Sometimes a starting pitcher wants to be anywhere but on the mound. With a little early planning, we created a series of banners designed to play when an opposing starting pitcher finds himself in a bind.


Art Director – Brett Pfeiffer

Copywriter – Amelia Gray

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