Skip the Car Stuff

Nissan LEAF

When we were tasked to promote the 2017 Nissan LEAF just as competitors were releasing their latest batch of high-tech electric cars, we knew we had to find the right market. Our answer was to target consumers who simply didn't care about cars. Even though the 2017 LEAF didn't boast the best range or latest features, it did take a lot of ordinary hassles associated with car ownership out of the equation. This is why we created ads for oil change garages, gas stations, and mechanic shops—all of which can be avoided if you drive a LEAF.


Since our target had no interest in anything related to cars, we counted on them skipping these ads as quickly as possible. When they did, they were served a quick message explaining how the LEAF allows you to "skip the car stuff." The overall concept was loved so much that we were asked to extend the campaign into social by creating fun abbreviated cuts of the spots designed to stand out in a social feed.


Art Director – Brett Pfeiffer

Copywriter – John Searcy

Creative Director – Jason Locey

Directors – The Clyde Bros.

Art Director (Production) – Matthew Pullen

Copywriter (Production) – Adam Aceino

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