Print Ads


Our print ad for Nissan included a branded poster of the LMP2 car with a vellum overlay featuring mockups and text as if sketched by a NISMO engineer. A million copies were printed in high-end automotive magazines.

Spread Front

Spread Back


Defy Convention

We were inspired by NISMO engineers who pulled apart convention while creating the GT-R LM. This ad is printed on the front and back inside covers creating a spread with copy overlapping the center gutter. Readers had to pull apart their magazines to see the whole ad, just like Nissan pulled apart convention.

Le Mans Win Ad

We were asked to create a print ad to run in the event that the Nissan GT-R LM won at 24 House of Le Mans. Due to time and budget constraints, we would have to work without any assets or photography beyond the stock images we already had access to. Unfortunately we didn't make the podium, but we did create a few ads paying homage to the attempt.

Upside Down

Press Release

Nissan Racing Heritage

Not many people realize that Nissan has been making and racing cars is 1933. We created a few ads showcasing the racing history that runs though the blood of the Nissan brand.

Nashville Sports Print

When we were asked to create Titan ads for Nashville's NFL and NHL teams, we wanted to avoid typical perfectly retouched car photography at all cost. This strategy paid off allowing us to produce a fun little ad for the Tennessee Titans as well as a series of letterpress pieces for Bridgestone Arena.

Southwest Airlines

Print Ads


We were asked to create a print ad for the Southwest in-flight magazine suggesting that passengers purchase Southwest Gift Cards as graduation gifts. With a captive audience looking for ways to kill time on a flight, we thought we would have some fun with this one.


Do more with a print ad. Pull out this ad and it folds into a handy carrying case for your Southwest gift card.



Folded Front

Folded Back

Words of Wisdom

Since this ad would be placed in the Southwest in-flight magazine, we had the unique opportunity to reach several people per day with a single printed page. Since many passengers were traveling to attend a graduation, we wanted to offer passengers an opportunity to pass along words of wisdom to the graduating class with the best messages photographed and shared on our social channels.


Filled In


Art Director – Brett Pfeiffer

Copywriters – Amelia Gray, John Searcy

Creative Directors – Chris Ribeiro, Drew Stalker

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